Docked to the Element

Undocking the editor

The editor can be undocked into a floating dialog, by clicking the dock button, which allows you to see the content exactly how it will appear on the page.

Docking to the window

The dock plugin also allows you to dock the editor to the top of the browser window. It has options to automatically dock underneath another element, for example, if you had a separate management or navigation visor.

Docking the Editor

This example demonstrates the dock plugin for the Raptor editor. The editor has been docked in place of the element being edited, and is immediately active.

  1. $('#raptor-docked-element').raptor({
  2. autoEnable: true, // Enable the editor automaticly
  3. plugins: { // Plugin options
  4. dock: { // Dock specific plugin options
  5. docked: true, // Start the editor already docked
  6. dockToElement: true, // Dock the editor inplace of the element
  7. persist: false // Do not save the docked state
  8. }
  9. }
  10. });